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What are the structural characteristics of the mobile grinder?

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It has been proved by experiment and field operation that the mobile grinder has the advantages of reasonable structure, small size, light weight, large utility, flexible operation and convenient handling. The mobile grinder is welcomed by the vast number of electric and telecommunication operators.

The machine can lift and tract towers and guide (ground) lines smoothly and conveniently under various complicated conditions. Mobile grinder is widely used in erecting poles and towers or moving wiring in the construction of electric power and post and telecommunication lines. It can also be hoisted and hauled heavy objects in buildings, wharfs and other places. Mobile grinder is suitable for the field without electric field and easy to use.

Cautions for the use of motorized grinders:

1. The use and maintenance of the engine of the motor grinder shall be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the machine.

2. The motor grinding should not be overloaded in the lifting process.

3. The lubricating oil surface in the gearbox of the power grinder must be kept at 1/4, and the lubricating oil should be added to the outer bearing of the front engine.